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Toyota safety check Narre Warren

When you receive our safety check with each service, we provide photographs of any problem detected, which are attached to your invoice…this allows the customer to see what the problem is and feel more confident that they are getting what they pay for.


Supporting photographs of all work performed

When you drop your car off at the workshop, how do you know what work has been done on you car. The workshop invoice will give you great detail of work performed, but where is the proof. It comes down to a trust issue with your mechanical workshop. Imagine if you had photographs of old and new parts that were

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VE Berlina Water pump replacement Narre Warren

Water pump replacement in Narre Warren on a 2006 VE Berlina 3.6 litre…..


1998 Ford Falcon AU brake replacement and service Pakenham

Cold winter mornings……but love it when we have the winter sun on your back…….a 1998 Ford Falcon AU 4.0L 6cylinder brake replacement and service


Leaking water pump repair Holden Omega V6 Narre Warren

Leaking water pump in a Holden VE V6 Omega all fixed ready to go….customer happy as it was all done on site no drop off and pickup….


Spark Plug replacement on a Mitsubishi Lancer Berwick

  Yesterday I serviced a Mitsubishi Lancer that was well overdue. This image shows what happens when engines are neglected. The spark plugs become erosive, corrosive and oxidised, which result in poor fuel usage, engine hesitation and loss of engine power. It is still important to change the spark plugs at the set intervals set down be the manufacturer, to

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