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Fuel pump replacement

At Call A Mechanic we always supply photographic evidence of work performed with invoice……..today we fitted a fuel pump module and cleaned contaminated fuel in a Hyundai Getz fuel tank.


Supporting photographs of all work performed

When you drop your car off at the workshop, how do you know what work has been done on you car. The workshop invoice will give you great detail of work performed, but where is the proof. It comes down to a trust issue with your mechanical workshop. Imagine if you had photographs of old and new parts that were

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Hyundai IMAX 2011 2.5 Turbo service

Just completed a 130k service on a 2011 Imax Hyundai 2.5L turbo diesel…worthy to note that Hyundai have recommended the service intervals on these vehicles to be for every 7500 kilometres due to carbon buildup issues…


Honda Jazz Service Pakenham

Why would you take your Honda Jazz to a workshop when I can service it at your place….get to know me as I repair and service your car…even pull up a chair and watch how I do it….try doing that in a dealership or workshop……